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A festive and fun way to give mishloach manot!


Purim mini box contains caramel popcorn, candy, chocolate, hamantashen, dried fruit, and gourmet nuts.


Purim nosh box contains caramel popcorn, licorice, chocolate, gummies, mike and ikes, gourmet nuts, hamantashen, and skittles. 


Purim cups include two charcuterie-style cups filled with nosh (candy, chocolate, popcorn, and hamantashen). and two beverages.


Purim dessert box contains a variety of fresh and dried fruit, gourmet nuts, chocolate, candy, and hamantashen.


Purim seudah board contains salami roses, cascading pastrami and corned beef, pepperoni cabanos, dried beef, vegetables, grapes, hummus, apricots, walnuts, pickles, chocolate, and hamantashen. Something special and unique to add to your seudah table or to bring to your hosts. 






    Payment should be made at least 24 hours prior to the delivery date. For local orders, payment can be made by credit card, BIT or Paybox.


    There will be a delivery fee for local deliveries on Purim day. A Pickup option is available.

PriceFrom ₪75.00
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